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Our Customers & Clients Are #1! Thank you For Voting For Us!

Thank you, from the bottom of our full hearts! Thousands of votes! Hundreds of nominees! We won GOLD on the coveted favorite category we love to be a part of and really feel we give the best at: Best Gift Shop - THANK YOU EVERYONE!

We were equally thrilled to just be nominated in the BUSINESS OF THE YEAR category, but to win SILVER in this category was amazing. WOW! Thank you! And congrats to 3 Goats Vineyards for winning GOLD! So well deserved! Chris and Candice Plewick are amazing people, and make excellent wines!

We always like to say we are not your traditional boutique - we really aren't, as we don't carry much clothing...just tshirts, hoodies, hats and some socks. But to be nominated and win SILVER in this category as well is awesome! Thank you! Congrats to the GOLD winner, Penney Jaymes Boutique - they truly are a great boutique here in town. Love their kids clothing offerings!

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