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This is for the DEPOSIT payment to  get us on the books to create your custom patch(es).


Do you need your logo in patch form? Want a piece of artwork in patch form?  Anything you could likely think of can generally be made in patch form.


Deposit Required: $20


There is a One-time Digitizing fee on ALL embroidery services using new images or text that we don't have on file: $20


Patch sizes and pricing : up to 2 colors

3-4": $10 - $12

5": $14 - $16

6": $18 - $20

7": $22 - $25

8": $26 - $28

9": $30 - $32

10": $45 - $50

11": $60 - $65

12" $75 and up


Patch sizes and pricing : Multiple colors - 3-10 colors. (10 colors max)

3-4": $25

5": $32-$34

6": $40--$43

7": $45-$48

8": $50-$55

9": $55-$58

10": $65-$68

11": $75-$78

12" $85 and up


Many things go into custom patches, and our fees represent:

  • Size
  • Thread count
  • Number of different color threads & type
  • Time
  • Complexity in design
  • Amount needed


Please pay attention to the following directions:


1) Placing this order ensures your patch request is on the books by paying the deposit. This is NOT the final price of the patch(es) - that is determined when we've met with you and discussed the project scope.


2) Email your image/logo immediately to with the order number in the subject line.


3) We will notify you once we have your email and we've scheduled your patch order to be in the queue - we will also gather any additional information needed at this time. 


4) An invoice will be emailed once all parties agree on the design and either shipping/pickup is determined - final payment is required within 24 hours of emailed invoice receipt.




Customized Patches - Online Deposit

  • These are fully-embroidered patches - iron backing for simple adhesion to whatever surface you desire. But we do recommend sewing around the edge for added permanency if putting on clothong or other fabric surfaces - especially leather.

    We charge by the stitch - so once a client has placed an order and sent us an image/graphic, we will digitize it for embroidery and be able to give the client a final cost total. PLEASE BE ADVISED: The price paid online is a deposit. Once the project is approved by both Willow & Ash and the client, the final involice total will be emailed to the client with a link for payment before the project is ready for pickup.

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