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Beautiful, Unique & Fun Products (some with a little sass!)

We have something for everyone, and carry a multitude of different items for your gift-giving needs. We always strive to provide items to touch those funny bones, sensitive hearts, and thoughtful minds. 


The Small Print

~Please know: We so appreciate and adore our clients and customers!  We will work with you on resolutions to any issues you may have with any product purchased here. Exchanges are welcomed!

But we must have a return policy.


* No Returns/Refunds will be processed after 7 days from purchase date*


* Eligible Returns/Refunds will be for store credit only, no cash back or refunds on credit cards* 


*All Sales of Bath & Body and Food Items Are Final*


*Exchanges are welcome on most items, except bath & body products and food items*


*There will be a $5 Restock Fee for all eligible return items*

Please understand:  When a return is processed at a small business, it's not a free service for the business. Meaning, especially on a credit or debit card, we are charged a return processing fee from merchant processing, and that fee - in addition to the amount now being refunded - is pulled from our bank account. So now we have paid a fee to initially process the sale when the customer checks out, then the process fee to return the charge to the credit/debit card, AND the funds already deposited have now been removed from our account at that same time. These processing fees rise frequently, and small businesses feel that pinch more than large stores. 


We are disappointed to have to institute a strict return policy, but due to too many customers trying to return (not exchange, just return) items they did "not end up using" - this policy became a necessity.

We are not a large corporation, but a simple small local business.

We always like to say; if items don't end up being used for their intended purpose, then perhaps consider creating a gifting drawer. (a place to keep general gifts for those last-minute gift needs).


Thank you for understanding~

To Request Donations

The Information You Need to Know

We happily donate to fantastic local and regional causes! If you are a non-profit or school, don't hesitate to touch base with our owner, Heather, to request a donation** for your next fundraising event.

**Donations are generally in the form of a $25 gift certificate or equivalent gift bag.**

**Donations are not guaranteed, and are dependent on the cause and type of event.**


We have only one location

2036A Main Street, Forest Grove OR 97116

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